We offer a complete staff of media professionals that have 15+ years experience
working for NBC, ABC, CNN, CBS and BET.

  Customized Packages To Fit Your Needs
We strategically work closely with clients to manage media relationships. We optimize social media platforms and non-traditional methods of pitching to the media. We offer training and skills on short term and long term basis that maximize clients’ pitching efforts.
  Crafting Your Media Pitch
What are the ingredients of a successful media pitch? We provide industry strategies and tactics that helps to keep our clients pitches from ending up in the trash. We strategically design a custom plan that put our clients on the radar of show producers and executive producers.

  Talent Development / Media Training
Our staffers offer more than 15+ years as televisions reporters, anchors, guest bookers and publicists. We offer training in voice/diction, wardrobe selection, delivery and writing effective press releases.
The president of Perfect Pitch Media Group is available to conduct seminars and workshops on the importance of embracing the proper tradition and non-traditional methods of pitching your brand to the media. We offer consultation courses to universities, public relations firms, and professional organizations. Book your training today!